SeriousPR: The Salty Dog

The Salty Dog


Ben Geoff Moore

To cut through a crowded market place and to build a bank of loyal, engaged customers, many of whom are drawn to the venue for its award-winning welcome – and even overnight stays – for man’s best friend. SERIOUS was also tasked to help increase occupancy rates.


SERIOUS took the lead in transforming a traditional, coastal bistro into one which exploited its distinctive edge – welcoming four-legged customers, earning The Salty Dog the accolade of Ireland’s Best Pet Hotel 2017.

Attracting customers and their canines was the very backbone of its brand personality so we invited Northern Ireland’s pet owners to engage on the new Dogs of the Salty Dog social media platform.

An April Fool’s campaign to spoil dogs with the restaurant’s trademark taster menu offering, was even channeled into a new seven-course treat for pooches.


By harnessing the power of pet lovers’ social media, The Dogs of the Salty Dog’s three owned media channels, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, were inundated with people eager to share their canines’ tales. Even UTV’s Frank Mitchell participated.

The seven-course tasting menu, conceived as an April Fool’s Day stunt, reached 30,000 people on Facebook alone in the first four hours – securing its place on the menu, for real and stellar coverage in the local press.

These two quirky campaigns boosted interest in The Salty Dog and created unprecedented word of mouth chatter.

It also won us the PRCA DARE Award for Best Use of Digital. Most importantly, though, its noise drove up restaurant bookings and occupancy levels.