SeriousPR: Tesco



Tell the story of Tesco’s support for Northern Ireland food and drink. Promote new store openings and special events.


During our time working with Tesco in Northern Ireland we have heightened awareness of its role as a major employer in Northern Ireland but also has a 53-store shop window for the best of local produce. We have been involved in helping devise and deliver the highly successful Switch to Local campaign which began in 2013 and we launched the 100% campaign to promote Tesco’s commitment in particular to local beef, pork, chicken, milk and eggs. We have also promoted a number of new store openings and the fabulous Tesco Taste NI events at Custom House Square.


Awareness of Tesco’s commitment has risen since the commencement of our work. We have consistently delivered stellar coverage for their range of signature marketing initiatives and in Oct 2013 we were thrilled to be recognised as their Outstanding Supplier of the Month – the first time any such award had been given to a PR company.