SeriousPR: So much more than sugar and spice..

So much more than sugar and spice..

It’s International Women’s Day so here’s to the women who have been bossing it, then and now:

Emmeline Pankhurst

From the streets of Moss Side, this Manchester lass changed the world for future generations of women; so her daughters, their daughters and most importantly, our daughters could have a voice. Shout a little louder, sugar ~ Dawn

With 2018 marking 100 years since women in the UK were granted the right to vote I have found myself drawing inspiration from Emmeline Pankhurst. The trail blazing leader of the British suffragette movement serves as a reminder that we all have a duty to shout as loudly as possible about the injustices that still impact women throughout the world! ~ Hannah

Nanny Daly:

I have always been brought up surrounded by strong women, my nanny brought up nine children and built her family and life up from the ground, she always impressed on us that with a bit of determination and tenacity, despite the obstacles, we could achieve anything we wanted ~ Emma

My sister:

Aka superwoman. A psychologist working day in day out with children fighting cancer; Severely dyslexic, but smashed a doctorate of 50,000 words; Married the love of her life who happens to be a woman despite her birthplace (N.I.) not recognising it; Spent two years living in South Africa rescuing baby baboons. She’s been inspiring me my whole life…She’s awesome. ~ Judy

My A level English teacher:

She also happens to be my cousin – she inspired and furthered my love of literature – introducing me to The Great Gatsby, now one of my favourite books ever. She’s strong, independent and hilarious to boot, and is a constant inspiration to me. ~ Bronagh