SeriousPR: Pakflatt



Communicate a set of core messages that underpin Pakflatt’s IP, innovation and ability to deliver in line with client requirements.


Since our first assignment from Pakflatt in 2004 we have worked to a successful formula of meticulous communication planning, media relations and publicity. For example, prior to the US Presidential election of 2008 we were advised of a major new contract won by Pakflatt to provide voting booths for the Washington Board of Elections. The impending election, and the considerable media interest in it both at home and abroad, provided us with a major opportunity to promote the small Irish company and help it punch above its weight from a PR perspective.

We decided the story had TV potential, provided it was pitched and timed appropriately, so we engaged two film companies – one in NI and another in Washington – to produce footage for a three minute short film that could be targeted towards television channels and online outlets. SERIOUS generated the outline of the film (which became a video news release) and scripted the content. Careful management enabled us to get footage shot in Washington where our team filmed the Director of the local Board of Elections who endorsed the product. To complement that we shot interviews and footage at Pakflatt’s manufacturing base in L’Derry and provided interview coaching to the company’s founder and CEO. Two days before the election, having pitched the story to a number of top industry contacts, we released the film and press release to all major news outlets in the UK and online.


The coverage far exceeded even our high expectations, with reports coming across the Atlantic to L’Derry of the contract win within hours of us releasing the information. The story was literally widespread across electronic media, press and online coverage on both sides of The Atlantic.