SeriousPR: Bubblebum



Find and communicate the brand story for a revolutionary world first backless, portable seat booster invented by an entrepreneur from L’Derry in Northern Ireland.


We worked as part of a professional marketing services team to craft the brand story and then bring the concept and story to market. We focused on the problem/solution model and played up the fact this innovative new product had been developed by a Derry mum who was fed up with having to transport a bulky, heavy seat booster for her young children when she wanted them to travel with her. What’s more she was continually frustrated when going on holidays to find car hire firms often could not provide suitable seat boosters which met with health and safety requirements.


Within a short period of time this innovative start-up was winning orders to supply throughout the world. Grainne Kelly, the inventor of the product won a number of high profile awards, some of which we submitted for her. We also generated significant press and media coverage throughout the UK and we’re delighted Grainne remains one of our greatest brand evangelists.