SeriousPR: Be Seen In All The Right Places

Be Seen In All The Right Places

You never want to become the one person at the party who no one can get away from. Even when you move to another area, you can’t escape the sheer volume of their voice. At the same time, sitting quietly in a corner not talking to anyone isn’t going to help you win a popularity contest either. The key is to strike the best balance between the two.

This balance isn’t just about the amount of content you create. Equally as important are the utilisation of the correct resources, and the timing of your efforts. Defining your target audience can provide invaluable insights about where your potential customers spend their time, and when they are most active.

Defining your target audience may include geographic, demographic, and psychographic data, depending on your product or service, and the reach of your marketing campaign. Defining your target audience too late can derail marketing efforts, after all, how can you build an effective marketing plan without knowing the audience to whom you’re speaking?

The plan should be built around them, so they get to know your brand and message in the shortest possible time, and ultimately, engage with you a lot sooner. Using a blanket marketing technique that tries to keep everyone happy, often leads to the alienation of large segments of your target market.

By building a clear image of your target market you define common characteristics, which allows you to craft your message in a much more specific and relevant way. You may sell a product for children, but one primarily purchased by their parents, allowing you to direct your message towards your target audience, even though they are not technically part of your target market.

Making your media allocation more efficient in this way allows you to compete more effectively. It also makes good financial sense. It allows you to maximise your spend, as you’ll get better results by being in the right place at the right time. The Internet can be a great leveler, allowing the savvy company to compete with much bigger brands in the digital universe.

If you worry about being the annoying noisy person, or shrinking violet, at the virtual cocktail party, then we can help you strike the best balance for you. Just give us a poke, we’re always happy to help.