SeriousPR: Be heard by all the right people

Be heard by all the right people

1: Be heard by all the right people

When you’re at a noisy party you may have noticed the uncanny ability we have to zone out the background hubbub, allowing us to listen and speak to a single person. This phenomenon is known as The Cocktail Party Effect, and provides a great analogy for our approach to getting you heard.

A combination of social media resources, websites, and videos can make the marketplace feel like a constant stream of sensory overload. Being present isn’t enough, you must stand out. It’s too easy to slip into irrelevance and become part of the background noise, while a stronger presence grabs the limelight.

To be a successful brand you must first be a successful communicator with a defined voice. When you have a distinctive, consistent, and relevant voice, your brand is strong. It will cut to the heart of your message, appeal to the right people, and leave a lasting impression.

In order to help you find your voice, we develop a deep understanding of what your company stands for, and sometimes more importantly, what it doesn’t. Your voice isn’t just expressed through your copy, it’s also evident in the videos and images you use, the discussions you engage in, and any other expression you use to communicate with your target audience.

When establishing your voice, it must be done in a way that facilitates your message in a natural way. To keep your brand at the forefront, you must create clarity in all your content, and this is far easier if your tone is a natural fit for your message, otherwise shoehorning can make your content feel clunky and insincere.

Once your voice is established, it’s important to ensure it’s maintained across all channels. Incorporating your voice into every aspect of your marketing and PR requires a concerted effort to create consistency, to the point where it becomes an integral part of the company’s DNA.

This can then be incorporated into your larger marketing efforts to ensure your targeted marketing has a bigger impact. It allows us to help you tell the right stories to the right people, building trust and brand recognition. The clearly defined voice gives our experienced team an even more acute focus, making their insights and analysis more efficient.

For a thorough approach to creating a memorable presence your target market will relate to, get in touch today.