SeriousPR: Avoid Wearing the Same Outfit

Avoid Wearing the Same Outfit

Avoid wearing the same outfit, and never be the last to leave

There’s nothing more infuriating and embarrassing than turning up to a party looking stunning, only to discover another person turned up in the same outfit 30 minutes before you. It’s even worse if we think they wear their outfit better than we do.

This can be the situation when blindly charging forward with a concept for your brand’s identity. To avoid this uncomfortable situation, you must have the experience, and perform the correct research, to ensure you’re not wearing the same outfit as another brand.

Once you have sufficient market knowledge to provide a clear image of the landscape, you need a creative team to start crafting your own brand in a truly unique way. A strong and unique brand is another way to keep your company at the forefront of your sector.

When we combine our market knowledge and creativity for our clients, the results always ensure our clients stand out for all the right reasons. Being creative can provide a completely fresh perspective, giving you a competitive edge over companies who just regurgitate the same tired content that worked five years ago.

Never being the last to leave the party is another important trait. It’s the difference between being a sheep or a lion in your sector. You can follow everyone else, or you can be the brand everyone else tries to follow. By the time your competitors have managed to get anywhere near you, it has already become irrelevant because you’re forging new ground with your next theme, always staying one step ahead.

Some brands find a recipe that works, then stick to it for many years, while seeing a gradual decrease in its effectiveness. They don’t act until the data leaves them with no choice, making them reactive. In some respects sticking to the tried and tested route can be less risky. However, the analytics and resources at our disposal mitigate most of the risk, allowing you to always be moving in the right direction. While your competitors grow stale, you refresh your message and engage even more potential customers.

If you want to establish your brand as a market leader, then speak to us about how we ensure you’re never caught in the same outfit as anyone else.