Technology will fuel further growth by McAvoy in GB 
  • Posted 2 years ago

Tyrone-based offsite modular construction company is first of its kind in Northern Ireland to secure Building Information Modelling Level 2 certification

The McAvoy Group has reinforced its position as a pioneering fast track construction specialist by becoming the first company in its sector within Northern Ireland to achieve the latest Building Information Modelling (BIM) certification.

The Tyrone based company now aims to use its BIM Level 2 certification as a platform to build further success especially within the UK’s public sector where this is now a mandatory requirement for centrally procured construction projects.

McAvoy has been an early adopter of BIM and has a long record of using 3D modelling for its private and public sector projects.  BIM enables McAvoy to develop virtual models of its building spaces and construction processes meaning it can pre-empt potential issues and provide greater certainty around budgets and project timelines.

Smart build techniques and clever technology have been at the heart of McAvoy’s significant growth over recent years and will be crucial in the future.

According to McAvoy’s Design Manager, David Clark, BIM is transforming the construction sector.

“By harnessing BIM we can ensure all aspects of design and planning is shared and all team members are working to the same standards.

“By using BIM software our specialist design teams can develop virtual models and provide our clients with a full understanding of their building concept as the design progresses.

 “Becoming the first offsite modular company in the UK to achieve this certification and the first construction company in Northern Ireland to do so reinforces our position as a leading provider of construction services within the education, health, leisure / accommodation and commercial / infrastructure sectors.  It also follows our becoming the first offsite modular construction company to be included within the UK’s Offsite Management School’s leadership team.”

McAvoy’s BIM success comes in the wake of a recent survey that found 71% of respondents believed the industry would not be ready by 2016 with the main reason cited being a lack of understanding throughout the entire supply chain.

As part of its BIM strategy McAvoy is committed to integrating its sub contractor training programme with its internal training programme.

With two state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, McAvoy has the capacity to deliver large fast-track projects throughout the UK and Ireland. It has delivered more than 3 million m2 of modular accommodation for the education, health, commercial, infrastructure and hospitality sectors using its ‘Think Smart, Build Smart.’ mindset.

McAvoy’s innovation processes are framed by the challenges set out in the UK Government’s Construction 2025 Strategy.

During its 44-year history McAvoy has completed modular projects in less than eight weeks, built a school from scratch in just 22 weeks, installed classrooms on the top of a three storey Victorian building and a high-tech theatre on top of a roof. Its expert team also built the largest modular building in Ireland.