Province’s largest online recruitment website sees 76% year on year uplift in job applications 
  • Posted 4 years ago
Further evidence Northern Ireland economy is on road to recovery

Northern Ireland’s largest recruitment website has seen a 76% increase in the number of its online job applications, its General Manager revealed today. According to Sam McIlveen, General Manager of Belfast-based, unique visitor levels to the site have now soared to more than 400,000 per month.

“In January we had in excess of 400,000 unique jobseekers visiting our site and we have growing numbers of recruiters, including more than 50 of Northern Ireland’s Top 100 companies, choosing to use as part of their recruitment drives. Overall our success reflects the central role the web plays in everyday life, including business-related matters, but the statistics could also provide further evidence of the steady uplift in the Northern Ireland economy.”

The impressive business performance follows an investment equivalent to £500,000 in knowledge capital, which boosted essential areas such as site design, navigation and overall user experience, as well as brand development and marketing. Sam McIlveen explains: “One of the most significant improvements is in the levels of personalisation, which means the site is much more intuitive and, based on the jobseeker’s browsing history, we are able to proactively present an increased number of positions of relevance to them. This is good both for the recruiter and the potential employee.”

Another major reason for the uplift in visitor and application numbers is the new responsive design of the website, which means the visual format and style intelligently adjusts depending on whether the visitor is viewing on desktop, tablet or Smartphone whilst maintaining all core functionality. Sam McIlveen continues: “We are unique as a business in that we only do online recruitment. It’s our focus and specialism. One of our core beliefs is that the recruitment of people should be an easy process and shouldn’t feel like hard work. We see our role as taking the hard work out of the equation and bringing more opportunities to more people every day through the harnessing and sharing of technology. “The worlds of communication, retail, advertising, leisure and business are changing rapidly as a result of the internet and we are committed to ensuring we remain at the forefront of our market with further investment and expansion planned here in Northern Ireland as the business develops.” was established in 2000 and is the only recruitment site in Northern Ireland offering online equality monitoring, which makes it easier for HR managers to process applications. /ends