Managing context: your uncreative Boss 
  • Posted 4 years ago

By Andy Green (SERIOUS Creative Director)

Many professional communicators can be frustrated by their line manager or organization which changes their copy, or somehow does not allow ‘creative writing’.

Here is a checklist of tips to help you manage your boss when it comes to writing:

  1. Establish/Agree what is the Brief?
  1. Establish criteria – use this for evaluation. (Revise in the light of any further feedback.)
  1. Agree who is the audience. Paint their world view to your boss.
  1. Identify who is the real audience/ (Who does your Boss see over their shoulder? Who will give them anxiety? Who are they trying to please?)
  1. Do a risk assessment. Identify areas of low/high risk.
  1. Do not just write one version. Provide a safe/banker alternative
  1. Also, provide a more extreme/crazier idea to make your idea more palatable.
  1. Hygiene – make sure there are no silly mistakes, spelling errors or poor English. Don’t give them causes to complain.
  1. If your Boss is the type of person who will always make changes insert some ‘surplus fat’ copy which you know they will automatically change. The chances are they will then leave the rest of the copy unchanged.
  2. Put someone else’s name to it, if this would add further credibility or status to your work.
  3. Add further background research to give added legitimacy to your written work.

Hope this helps